Lyrics of Pichle Saat Dino Mein (Rock On)

September 2, 2008 at 3:09 pm (College, movies) (, , )

Meri Laundry Ka Ek Bill, Ek Aadhi Padi Novel… Ta Ra Ta Ta Ta ….Ta Ra Ta Ta Ta…
Ek Ladki Ka Phone Number, Mere Kaam Ka Ek Paper… Ta Ra Ta Ta Ta ….Ta Ra Ta Ta Ta…
Mere Taash Se Heart Ka King, Mera Ek Chandi Ka Ring
Pichhle Saat Dino Mein Maine Khoya
Kabhi Khud Pe Hansa Main Aur Kabhi Khud Pe Roya
Ta Ra Ta Ta Ta …. Ta Ra Ta Ta Ta …. Ta Ra Ta Ta Ta ….… Ta Ra Ta Ta Ta ….
Present Mili Ek Ghadi, Pyaari Thi Mujhe Badi… Ta Ra Ta Ta Ta ….Ta Ra Ta Ta Ta…
Meri Jeb Ka Ek Packet, Meri Denim Ki Jacket… Ta Ra Ta Ta Ta ….Ta Ra Ta Ta Ta…
Do One-Day Match Ke Passes, Mere Naye Naye Sunglasses
Pichhle Saat Dino Mein Maine Khoya
Kabhi Khud Pe Hansa Main, Aur Kabhi Khud Pe Roya
Kaise, Bhuloon Saatva Jo Din Aaya
Kisi Ne Tumse Ek Party Mein Milwaaya
Kaisa Pal Tha Jis Pal Maine Tumko Pehli Baar Dekha Tha
Hum Jo Mile Pehli Baar Maine Jaana Kya Hai Pyaar
Maine Hosh Bhi Khoya Dil Bhi Khoya
Kabhi Khud Pe Hansa Main, Aur Kabhi Khud Pe Roya
… Ta Ra Ta Ta Ta ….Ta Ra Ta Ta Ta…… Ta Ra Ta Ta Ta ….Ta Ra Ta Ta Ta…
Maine Pichhle Saat Dino Mein Ye Sab Hai, Khoya..


  1. priya said,

    i jus luv dis song

    • Shiva said,

      I lso lv dis song very much lyk u i listen 2 it evry day. i even know how to play dis song in my guitar…
      If u r intrstd cont. me in my e-mail id!!!
      Waiting 4 ur rply…

      • Mayank said,

        hii can u pl give me the link of d song “Pichle Sat Dino Mein” which as u said which is sung by u…
        & if possible pl give me karaoke of dis song if possible

      • Purnima said,

        Hiii Shiva

        Can you plzzz forward me the chords of this song. Am an enthusiatsic guitarist. i AM IN luv with this song.


        ROCK ON!!

    • hitesh said,

      me too priya.. i luv this song a lot….. infact i hv seen this movie 10 times

  2. Mrinal Sen said,

    googd effort..Im greatful..But its not “Ta Ra Ta Ta Ta ….Ta Ra Ta Ta Ta”…I think it should be NA NA NA NA NA…

  3. csm said,

    never heard ta ra ta ta ta………..!!!!!!!…… na na na isnt it???

  4. Kedar said,

    U done a great job & as mrinal said , it is Na Na Na . . . Not Ta ra.

  5. Ank said,

    yep…Na Na Na…i agree…. but m too lazy to edit it.

    • ami sharma said,

      its na na na
      or ta ra ta ra

  6. mary jane said,

    Its not Meri Jeb ka ek packet
    its Mary Jane ka ek packet..
    which is slang for Marijuana..
    whch by the way is GAANJA in hindi


  7. Ank said,

    yeah it’s mary jane of course….why not
    i copied the lyrics from somewhere….

  8. abhinav said,

    vaise to theek hai
    bas ek defect hai jo mere bhai b andhuon ne pehle hi bata diya hai
    abe ye mary jain kya hai???
    loh kuch bhi bolne lagte hain doosron mein galti nikalne ke liye
    itna hi showk hai to khud hi kyun nahin likh dete???

  9. Govind said,

    atlest jo galat hai
    vo to sahi kar lo

  10. raghav said,

    hai,this song is just 2 cool.i love the way farhan aktar has sang this.

  11. cooldisease said,

    it’s great but it is na na na na no ta ra ta ta

  12. pranav said,

    its na na na na na na na na na na not ta ra ta ta

  13. prateek said,

    great job dude but its really good song,,,,and lyrics toooo
    and let me also remind that it is na na na na na
    not tara tara ta ta ta ta ……………

  14. TiDeS said,

    this is a lovely song.. infact all songs r beautiful.. after watching movie i strted lovin the songs..

  15. na na na na na na said,

    say na na na na na na na na
    na na na….:D

  16. late said,

    dude its been 2 months and uve not corrected the ta ra ta ta ta thing to na na na na na

  17. AnKiT said,

    hiii jus luvin ths song??????

  18. CORRECT THE SONG said,

    DUDE CORRECT THIS TA RA RA RA TO NA NA NA THIS VERY MOMENT =] and other mistakes too (however idk if thats really mary jane) =P

  19. Rohan Singh918 said,

    it’s mary jane ka ek packet…not meri jeb ka ek packet……very gud rock piece………

  20. pehma said,

    i luv singin dis song…….dis song is jus so perfect for me…..hehe

  21. sush said,

    i jus luv this song………!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  22. prabin said,

    This song is beautiful,
    It would be nice if i can get this songs chords

  23. Shail Modi said,

    Gonna Perform Live

    thanx For d lyrics
    and its nananannanna…….

  24. AC/DC said,

    Hey what the fuck is Ta Ra Ta Ta Ta …. Ta Ra Ta Ta Ta …. Ta Ra Ta Ta Ta ….
    Please listen it carefully, It should be Na Na.. Na Na Na…

  25. AC/DC said,


    The pull off is very subtle.

    Play this riff through the verse…

    meri laundry ka ek bill
    ik aadhi padhi novel
    ek ladki ka phone number
    mere kaam ka ek paper

    Then power chords

    mere, taash se heart ka king

    mera, ik chaandi ka ring

    pichhle saat dinon mein maine khoya

    kabhi khud pe hansa main,aur
    kabhi khud pe roya!

  26. ANIKET said,

    farhan akhtar is the best in the world and the song too. and even socha hai is the best

  27. ANIKET said,

    this song is nice but not my type niga cause i like popin songs
    get it


  28. ATISHAY said,

    this song is nice but not my type niga cause i like popin songs
    get it


  29. surya said,

    mast gana hai yarrr……..

    nanana ho ya taratara….apne ko to sune se matlab hai…

    thanx farah..

  30. aditya said,

    i hate this song!!!!

  31. priyanka said,

    nice song

  32. Aziz sarguru said,

    This is a lovely song and it will be great to play on guitars. If anyone have guitar chords of this song so plz submit here but i want the full song. and the song lyrics is correct nothing is wrong with the song its something wrong with us.

  33. mahesh said,

    nice song farhan,u r improving.but i think u made a little mistake-it should be’EK GADI PADI NO BILL’ instead of ‘EK AADHI PADHI NOVEL’.NEVER MIND.

  34. ali said,

    The song is cool but your lyrics are fazool

  35. jigyasha said,

    awesome song…
    MAGIC v just luv u…:-)
    rOcK ONn……
    rOcK tHe wOrLd 😉

  36. jigyasha said,

    superb song!!

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  38. bhavika said,

    its na na na na na na na na na na not ta ra ta ta

  39. vikas said,

    i tooòoo like

  40. Anil, Baripada said,

    This song is out standing.
    farhan voice you know something hatke

  41. Amal said,

    Luv u farhan

  42. rock said,

    it’s just ROCKING……………..

  43. parthasarathi said,

    fav song

  44. mks said,

    its na na na na not ta ra ra ra

  45. ravi khadka said,

    rock on roks dude

  46. Kerala said,

    Awesome song.. really cool 🙂

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